domingo, 1 de março de 2009

don't smile, please

These two guys are covering each other. One is José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Comission of EU, former prime-minister of Portugal between 2002 and 2004; the other is José Socrates, actual prime-minister of Portugal, since 2005.

They knew that Americans use Portuguese airports to transport prisoners to Guantanamo Prison, in an illegal international act. Those prisoners had no conviction and where victims of kidnapping and torture.

Now, these two governors succumb to silence: they don’t talk, don’t hear and don’t see anything about that illegal transportation. CIA aircrafts flew over Portugal more than 50 times, with the knowledge of Portuguese political authorities. But they don’t hear, they don’t see and they don’t talk about it.

Don’t forget these two guys. Time will tell everything that is to know about those illegal international acts. And they will pay, like republicans (and some European countries) pay by supporting the Iraq invasion, by lying to all the people of the free democratic countries (and no, mr. CIA and mr. Google, and mr. SIS, this is not a threat, this is history repeating itself). Their places are written in history now.

(imagens oficiais obtidas através de uma busca no google, hoje)

[ouvindo money jungle, by ellington, roach and mingus, 1962]

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