sábado, 10 de outubro de 2009

Obama poster

I believe the nobel prize to president Obama is a way to the academy tell the world that we – democracies and development countries – don’t want more bushes, barrosos, aznares and blairs changing world order in deceiving, lying, war, which results are shown in energy consumption, increasing poverty in development and under development countries, inequality and injustice.

Could Obama change all that? Well, there’s a chance now, a vibe of hope. At least, until next year.

[ouvindo total response, horace silver, in united states of mind, 1971]

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Anónimo disse...

I'm not against any politician but in my opinion a Nobel of Peace should never be given to politicians. More: even worse if a politian at full exercise.

simages disse...

Well, politicians at full exercise are the best persons to promote peace. The thing is, Obama have been elected just a few months ago, and did he change anything in US foreign policy or is just rhetoric?

A portuguese analist (Vasco Pulido Valente) wrote in a sunday newspaper: Guantanamo didn’t close; US still kidnap allegedly terrorists in foreign countries; Obama didn’t want to investigate war crimes of Bush administration, including torture, and increase Bush’s strategy in Iraq (nobody knows when US military come back home); he consent Karzai’s fake election in Afghanistan, moving more troops to that country, and the war is now moving to Paquistan. And nothing happen in Israel.

Well, Obama did some good for peace in the world. Conversations with Cuba, concerns with environment and energy consumption and above all he leads a vibe of hope around the world after Bush, after liberalism crises.

Did he deserve the Nobel Prize? Probably not…

But I still believe that politicians (good politicians) are the best persons to give peace a chance.

Thanks for your comment.