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Portugal and the Portuguese: hostages from capitalism without ethics, hostages from international financial speculation – or The Death of Europe and the Idea of Europe

Years ago I thought the next military bomb would be a DNA bomb, one that kill certain types of people, differentiate by others by the specifics of their DNA. I was thinking in the Holocaust and segregation of Palestinians by Israel. Dropping this type of bomb in the Middle East should exterminate Arab traces and leave untouchable Israeli (this wouldn’t happen this way, I know today, because, like any evolve country, Israel needs their cheap work labour; or both israeli and palestinians share the same DNA).

But the example I’ve used was the Iberian Peninsula. Dropping this bomb in its centre, in Madrid, should kill al the Portuguese in a 300 Km ratio. If military design this DNA bomb as a virus, to kill all the Portuguese, they just drop it in Tejo River and wait for its results in a few hours or days.

Well, that was me, years ago, and I was wrong. There is no need to spent money in a design bomb if [they] use their money to taking over a country. Capitalism without ethics (and faces) and international financial speculation needs the Portuguese to get richer and to kill Europe and the idea of Europe (with the help of some European countries). It’s better than a design bomb because this economic power, acting without any laws or regulation, decide how the Portuguese should live by the decades to come. Portugal are now transformed in the luxury backyard of the rich of the world, with the cheapest golf courts in Europe, the cheapest and top quality wines that mankind ever built (we make quality wines for over 900 years, even if the international taste just discover it now), the cheapest beaches and resorts of Western Europe, our cheap top quality national food, our cheapest and beautiful girls and people friendly, low crime rates, ancient monuments, sun, nice weather…


We are hostages!

Today I wake up with the news: the IMF, EU and ECB Troika is visiting the parties that sold us out since 1976 (they alternate political power since 1974 democratic revolution) to discuss the new politics to implement so they can give us a loan; Meanwhile, international financial speculation answers with another pike in our public rate interests. We are hostages! Even if we do what they want, they want more.

I feel like we, Portuguese People, are the Palestinians of Europe. And our country is taking over by an alien invisible force. I believe that in a newer future we are throwing rocks at the enemy. Without seeing (or knowing) their faces.

Check this out, “Portugal’s unnecessary bail out”, New York Times, by Robert Fisher:

Picture from Almourol Castle taken from  http://www.flickr.com/photos/dj_edob/3285757318/lightbox/

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